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Watercolor Markers

This 36 pcs lot Watercolor brush marker pens dual tips soft fine art drawing pen is sensational for art professionals who need to write down what they’re feeling during the creative phase! The soft and fine bristles will leave your ink feeling just as fresh as when you first picked up the pen.

Watercolor Brush Markers

This set of 48 professional Watercolor brush pens includes a paint marker with flexible brush tips, it is practical for in-bounds writing or freehand drawing, and will help you save time and energy when drawing in professional settings. This professional set of 24 paint brush markers with flexible brush tips is splendid for filling in painting details and is terrific for use in the shower, home or office, the Watercolor paint brush pens markers are sensational for water color calligraphy lettering and ink management. The collection of Watercolor paint brush pens is designed to last and be effortless to use, with a variety of colors and levels of pressure to ensure that you always have a valuable brush on hand, the professional set of brush markers with flexible brush tips is a best-in-class substitute to keep your artistry on point. With fountain pen refillable markers, you can create your own unique style with this set.