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Washable Markers Bulk

These Washable markers are must-have for any wash-happy child! They come in 12 vibrant colors and make sticking to your school desk a breeze.

58-7832 Three Pack - Free Shipping
Bulk, Markers For Kids, Classpack, 12 Colors, 240 Count
Crayola Ultra Clean Washable Markers, Broad Line Markers, Gifts, 40 Classic Colo

Crayola Bulk Markers

Crayola Bulk markers are unrivaled substitute to write when you have lots of colors to choose from, these markers are Washable in any color you want and also have a broad line system that makes it basic to find what you want. Make your writing experience the ultimate fun with crayola Bulk markers, this is a set of green crayola markers. They are silly scents and sweet markers broad line Washable 10 markers per bag lot of 2, they've got an 10 marker per box and can be used for 10 bags, or just for writing on. They're also water resistant, so they're good for hours on end, this crayola broadline Washable markers are unequaled alternative to write in different colors and styles. They are set of 12 markers that will stay in place even when kept in their packaging, the markers are dark red and are excellent for marking wood, metal, or plastic items. The Washable markers in this lot are beneficial surrogate for an admirer wanting for a large number of fun and precipitation-free markers in a variety of colors, these markers markers that will stay in your paint blade with time, making them sensational for multiple use.