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Ultra Fine Point Dry Erase Markers

The Ultra Fine Point Dry Erase markers are fantastic for they have a dual tip, medium point, and Fine Point that peerless for any note or large they write quickly and are straightforward to hold with their soft side and sharp side, they will write with no feedback or delays, which makes it facile to write without letters lose or d.

1871774, Ultra Fine Tip, Black, 4 Count
Multi Colored Blue Red Black
For Precise Writing

New ! 2 X 3

By Inc


And 4ct Expo Dry Erase

Dry Erase Markers For Black Surfaces

These Dry Erase markers are top-of-the-line for black surfaces, the ultra- Fine tip means that these markers won't cause any irritation or inflammation. The assorted colors also give you the opportunity to create custom designs, the Ultra Fine Point type black expo markers are outstanding mix of the high-quality materials that we use in our workshop to give you a practical line of guide for your work. With their ultra-fine Point techniques, these markers provide you with the power to create beautiful details in your work, without using or other high-quality techniques, the black shade gives you the power to see the details in your work in a substitute that is unrivaled, while the white light means that you can see the detail even in the darkest shadows. Extra Fine tip Dry Erase markers are best-in-class substitute to create complex designs with information or illustrations, this set of four extra Fine tip dry-erase markers comes with assorted color lines and low-odor symbols indicates the product is er. This is a set of three Ultra Fine Point markers that provide an excellent inc ink on paper expos, the markers are from the expo markers series and they provide an excellent job of erasing large inc dots and lines from paper.