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Studio 71 Markers

Our Studio 71 color markers are 12 piece set that comes with two dual tip chisel tips, these markers are sterling for any sales fun.

Studio 71 Markers Review

Studio 71 markers is a new company that is associated with the production of alcohol ink markers, the markers are dual tip chisel brush series that provides exceptional for creating a variety of wonk and prescott patterns. The markers are new at this point so you can pre-order them and receive a discount, the markers will be available at the store and at an affordable price. This Studio 71 markers color chart is designed to help you create nearly any color you want with 24 inch alcohol-based markers, the chart includes different brush shapes and tips, as well as an example of how to adopt each type of marker to create a specific color. This markers set includes two dual tip chisels - one at each end, the markers are alcohol and water resistant so you can write with them without smudging your paper. The brush is soft, well-ptched, and comes with an of $8, however, this Studio 71 markers set is a first-rate gift for any art lover, and will increase the number of writing experiences you have each time you go to the store. The Studio 71 watercolor dual tip marker is a splendid surrogate to create beautiful watercolor paintings, it offers two tips that are both light- and air-friendly which makes it good for busy testers or artists who itch to avoid breathing in alcohols. The dual tips also create enough ink to create both traditional watercolor paintings and digital paintings, the Studio 71 watercolor dual tip marker is likewise non-toxic, non-toxic finish, so you can attach it to your counter or work surface and have basic access to write, paint, and dry your paintings.