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Sniper Paintball Marker

Sniper Paintball marker: the is 25 watt Marker that is first-rate for the everyday player, the barrel makes it uncomplicated to take with you wherever you go. And, the high-quality materials make it look best-in-class too.

Paintball Marker Sniper

The Paintball Marker Sniper is a rare vintage Paintball rifle that was used in assassination and research, the Marker is a close quarters combat weapon that relies on your skills as a marksman to make through hostile opposition. This spooky Paintball Marker is game-changing for suitors who desire to become a Paintball sniper, this Sniper Paintball markers is a valuable addition to your Paintball team! These markers are in original box with Sniper scope on it. These markers are sterling for use in Sniper matches or for use in your own matches, the tippmann a5 extreme Sniper Paintball rifle is an unequaled gun for markers and snipers. This rifle is packed with features and is sure to outdo any other Paintball gun on the market, with it technology it takes the accuracy and power of the tippmann a5 extreme Sniper Paintball rifle and enhances it by up to 50%. With this pack of new features the tippmann a5 extreme Sniper Paintball rifle is sterling for any Marker or Sniper hunting for advanced power and accuracy, the Sniper Marker style autococker. Mini oracle, also known as an autococker, mini, is a new part for autococker. Our Sniper Marker features auding a mini oracle design that indicates to the reader when the Marker is half-way complete, the Marker also features a Sniper pump that ensures the shot is hit while in use.