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Prismacolor Double Ended Markers

Prismacolor's double-ended markers are peerless for writing in teams or during busy moments, they have fine tip broad markers that are splendid for lighter-colored teams and dark brown teams for dark circles and markings. They are also excellent for outside markers or for writing in the rain.

Prismacolor Premier Art Marker - Brush Fine Double Ended Marker Set 200 ($699)
Broad & Fine Tip - Grey - Tested
Prismacolor Premier FINE & BRUSH TIP Primary Double-Ended Art Markers 12-Count

Prismacolor Paint Markers

The Prismacolor paint markers are first-rate for creating art or charts, they are double-ended for accurate and consistent marking, and have a chisel tip for better control. The Prismacolor markers are beneficial alternative to have extra for your art work, this set includes 24 markers in a fine tip black price from the collection. The markers are ideal surrogate for chipping away at art or carving into papers, these come in a box of 48. They are used Prismacolor Double Ended markers set of two in the studio, they are top-notch for adding a touch of luxury to your art work. The Prismacolor Double Ended markers are back to be the popular alternative for fine and broad tonal markers, this set of 100 markers presents a mix of colors to suit any design or client need.