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Permanent Markers For Fabric

The Permanent markers For Fabric are and For Fabric pens are dual tip pens, they write with the top pen, and with the bottom pen you can write with right side up if you need to. They're excellent For writing, drawing, and painting.

Buy Fabric Markers

These Fabric markers are sensational For t-shirts, they are non-toxic, permanent, and black. They come in 28 colors and can be used For general marking without having to pay For a kit, this Permanent markers set is top-quality For fabricate a precise design in your stone painting or ceramic glass project. The markers are lightweight and durable, and will never lose their shape or grip, Permanent Fabric paint markers are great For drawing attention to tasks or words on your Fabric piece. There are so many different types and colors to choose from, it can be tricky to decide which one to choose! 30 different colors of Permanent Fabric paint markers make +1 simple & sturdy way to br your Fabric piece's look to life, our Permanent Fabric markers are top-rated For fabricating your own clothes! They are also a first-class substitute For writing on to specific parts of an outfit with a pen. 30 different colors are included, so you can create something unique For your larger project, plus, the fine point Fabric pen makes it straightforward to write on just about anything.