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Washable Fabric Markers

Create creative art with Washable Fabric markers and permanent 24 colors Fabric paint, the art set is non-toxic and comes with a toxic outboard motor. Use the markers to create designs with the water-based ink, theming your art with the Washable Fabric markers and permanent 24 colors Fabric paint is a top-rated alternative to make your work stand out.

Washable Fabric Markers Ebay

This is a Washable Fabric markers pen for sewing art, it imparts a black ink and is produced of rubber. It is comfortable to hold and imparts a black ink that is very clear, it is first-rate for marking seams or writing in a pattern. If you're scouring for a substitute to write text in a fun and unique way, then look no more than Washable Fabric markers! These markers are enticing to writ with a variety of different colours and fabrics, the markers are water resistant and basic to hold and disassemble quickly. They last for a long time and are generally safe for use with water, the Fabric is a popular material to be written on with, being non-toxic and effortless to clean. These Washable Fabric markers are top-of-the-heap for kids who like to play with their paints! The 12 count parrot Fabric markers are with.