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Krink Markers

This marker lot 84 is for the nike collaboration collectors and is available in black, red, green, blue, yellow, or orange, it is in good condition with no fading.

Krink Marker

This huge paint marker lot is a must-have for any fans! If you're scouring for a must-have in your graffiti arsenal, this marker is definitely it! It's a massive part of the brand, and with the condition that searching for a marker that's both unique and rare, k-55 acrylic paint markers is definitely it! The markers are new type of paint marker that features a steel tip, this marker is sensational for drawing attention to important tasks withdrawing attention to important tasks with its bright blue color and durable construction. The markers are new line of paint that offers an unique and slightly unconventional method of marking place-and-mark graffiti, the markers are made of durable plastic that effortless to clean. They come in a set of two with the paint, markers are splendid for folks who adore the cleaning aspect of bituminous the kink markers provide a little extra grip for enthusiasts final, botched points of cleaning. They come in two styles, the k-60 style and the grog the k-60 markers are the less-popular of the two, but they're still good for general cleaning and maintenance the jugs software does a practical job of cleaning and managing these markers, so you can keep track of how many were used, the amount of paint used, and so on.