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Marker Holder

This art Marker pen organizer tray stand is a durable and comfortable surrogate to keep your pen essentials close at hand, the pen Holder can hold any large or small pen size, the tray is produced of sturdy materials that can take abuse, and it is durable for when you do some of your favourite mark-making on the go. The stand also fits copic horizontal levels of 144, no more breaking your.

Marker Shelf

The Marker shelf is practical for holding your markers! The dividers make it uncomplicated to find what you're searching for, and the dividers also open up for basic access to the entire store, this Marker pen case Holder is superb for holding all your markers in one place. It is additionally a first-rate alternative to organization your markers for when you want to take them with you, the soft, comfortable fabric will never make you feel like you have to keep your markers around. The art Marker pen organizer tray stand is a durable, black design that fits copic horizontal pens, it stands up to pressure greatly and can be used for hours on end. The Holder for your Marker is included, this is an exceptional desk Marker Holder that includes an 80 slot plastic carrying case. The case can hold all of your markers, and it is additionally facile to find when you need to transfer your Marker to a new spot, the storage box also provides a built-in symbol for when your markers are left unused for an extended period of time.