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Expo Marker Holder

The expo marker holder is a great way to keep your signs and data well organized and looking great. The magnetic clip makes it easy to add it to your schedule, or keep finding new ways to keep youracked. The 2-count marker is perfect for small groups or teams. The white isopropanol buffing agent makes it easy to buffs and it comes with the marker holder.

Top 10 Expo Marker Holder

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Expo Marker Holder Walmart

The expo marker holder is a great way to keep your supplies on hand when you need them while they are at an event. The holder has two different options for placement, and can hold any type of marker. the expo markers pack includes four magnetic holder tools for your markers to hang from a coat hanger, using the as a place to store symbols of your trade or event. The colors are green, blue, purple, and black. the eai education-communicator set of 10 clear document holder for expo marker will make your experience more positive and will help you to keep track of your events more cleanly. the eai education-communicator set of 8 clear document holder for expo will help you keep your document in good condition at events.