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Copic Marker Refills

The Copic sketch markers are fantastic substitute to keep your writing to-ing and 1-ing in one place, you'll never have to search through your writing again.

Refill Copic Markers

This is a refill Copic marker, it offers a different color for each ink: yellow green blue red. It is new and 25 ml, the 6-colors Copic markers refillable alcohol ink markers set is excellent for an admirer who wants to write on paper with more precision. The set includes the following 6 colors: Copic markers refillable alcohol ink markers set is a top-notch surrogate to improve your writing skills or to have more than enough to write with, the best alternative to keep you markers in good condition is to operate the latest sealant pumpkin yellow. The sealant is specific to the ink and does not wear off over time, this ink is use with the understanding that it is not a replacement for proper Copic Marker use. If you're wanting for a surrogate to refill your Copic sketch markers, you'll want to investigate the new alcohol ink markers floral favorites 2 - 6 pk- new refillable, these markers are splendid for filling in quick sketches or creating beautiful, detailed photosynthesis images.