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Black Paint Marker

This waterproof Paint Marker pen for car tyres and tires is unrivalled for markers! It features a Black Paint Marker pen body with a white Paint Marker tip, the pen imparts a Black ink cartridge with a white tip. The pen is superb for making markers or numbers on rubber or metal objects.

Black Paint Marker Ebay

This Black Paint Marker pen is first-rate for water-proofing your tyres and degrading your pen for a permanent Marker feel, perfect for marking car tyres, tire tread rubber pen and many other surfaces, this pen as well waterproof. This is an unique and unique tool for writing and drawing write-ins or injuries on car tires, the Black Paint Marker pen provides tip and a waterproof finish that makes it sensational for that perfect, first time ink pen artist. The pen can be used to write "toyotire" and "waterproof Paint marker" and " rubber metal" to help you more easily find what you need on your car tires, this is a waterproof Paint Marker pen for use in the car tyre business. The pen grants a Black Paint Marker tip and a Black reflective tip, it peerless for marking areas on a rubber tire, metal pen for marking areas on a tire on a car, and waterproof for when your tire gets wet. The pen grants a special penpoint system which makes it facile to write in multiple points, allowing you to make exact writing without losing lines, the pen also provides a built pressing pen which makes it effortless to write with pressure and avoid smudging pages.