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Black Felt Tip Marker

Introducing the new Black Felt Tip Marker family! This family offers 12 sets of fine Tip Black Marker for art with its strong writing performance and clear plastic it is excellent for all types of art work, the 12 sets of fine Tip Black Marker make it an outstanding surrogate for all your writing needs.

Black Felt Tip Marker Amazon

The Black jumbo paint Marker pens are water-based acrylic 15 mm wide felt-tip pens that come with a jumbo paint Marker system, when you want to write with care, or need to write for a long time, then use a jumbo-sized paint marker. This is an 6 in 1 package that includes a Black Felt Tip marker, a bible Marker pens, and a writing instrument, the pen's are erasers and straight lines so they can be used for journaling as well as writing. The pen is in like manner travel friendly as it comes in a travel-friendly container, this Black Felt Tip Marker is exquisite for marking down or writing in toisn's or any other text with a fast and effortless way! The fine Tip makes it peerless for small details and it comes with 4 Black pens making it a best-in-class everyday tool. The Black Felt Tip markers are first-class for identifying breeds of animals in cattle swine these markers are made of Black Felt Tip and are freezer proof, they are also up to 5 times their size.