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Arteza 120 Markers

The 120 markers are unequaled surrogate to express yourself with precision in your work, with their colorful fineliners and color number markers, you'll be able to make every line you need.

Best Arteza 120 Markers

The 120 markers are top-notch for someone scouring for a way to make writing more efficient and to get a more point of view, with their helpful color numbers, these markers make writing easier and more efficient. The 120 markers are top set and broad cheeses for painting, they have a dual tips design that makes them good for both fine and broad chisels. The markers are also good for stone and plastic products, the 120 markers are fun and facile substitute to get your creative side up! They're markers that use alcohol to create a rough surface for your pen and tools to create a sketch. They come in a set of 120 colors alcohol based, which makes for a terrific set for sketchers or character drawing, the markers are also in the middle of the marker so you can easily make a rough surface with a pen. The artist's studio is a store that art supplies specifically for artists, this store set of 120 colors dual tips chisel art supplies for painters. The supplies are designed to be use for both medium and wide purposes, they are good for including in portfolios, for private and public exhibitions, and more.