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Temporary Grave Marker

Temporary Grave Marker for paired funeral home our metal fleur de lis design is first-rate for your funeral home, our markers are made with care to ensure accurate and terrific marking.

Grave marker, Garden stake or temporary cemetery headstone, Personalised design.

Temporary Grave Markers

These funeral home Grave markers are fun and unique substitute to show off your personal loss, they are made of metal fleur de lis and have a classic vintage funeral home design. They are white metal with a black fleur de lis design, this metal Grave Marker holder is dandy for displaying a keystone Marker at your cemetery. The flag holder is sanded and finished to look like the correct cemetery stake, the flag holder imparts a markers metal plaque and the right cemetery information in the plaque. This is a first-rate addition to your cemetery and a fantastic substitute to show off a nice milestone in your community, this metal Temporary Grave markers is produced of durable plastic and is designed to last. It is a splendid addition to the cemetery and makes vedder place an unique and memories-rich place, where can i buy Temporary Grave markers in pennsylvania? Cemetery stakes in pennsylvania are sold at cemeteries and sometimes found as part of a cemetery's inventory. I'm not sure.