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Magnetic Page Markers

Our Magnetic Page markers are top-of-the-line alternative to help your students follow along with your favorite books, they have an 15 pcs rating, so they can hold any weight you choose, and they're clip-able to keep them where you want them. Plus, our team of trainers will help you keep your students on track with of reading.

Wizards Houses 4 Pk Stocking Stuff

Harry Potter Magnetic Page Clips

By Harry Potter


(set Of 6 Magnetic Bookmarks)

Robots i-Clips Magnetic Page Markers

By Peter Pauper Press


(set Of 8 Magnetic Bookmarks)

Calligraphy i-Clip Magnetic Page Markers

By Peter Pauper Press



30 PC Inspirational Quotes Magnetic

By Does not apply


Flowers Oliver Smith & Co I-clips Bookmarks

Magnetic Page Markers Flowers Oliver

By Oliver Smith & Co


Magnetic Page Marker

This unique and unique substitute to label your bookshelf or collection makes perfect, an unique Magnetic Page marker that is sensational for any collection or book room. These Magnetic book markers are top-rated substitute to capture your bookmarks and text in your textbooks, they're also unrivaled for textbooks with small pages or for holding pages together to make writing on them more difficult. These Magnetic Page markers are top-rated substitute to help keep pages scouring fresh and organized! They come in various colors and they can be used as a guide to help with brainstorming or editing stories, and the markers make each Page a.