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Magnetic Marker Holder

This 5-slot Magnetic dry erase Marker Holder is designed to let you add just about any die-cuts and words you can dream up to create with, our 3 d printed models are made from material that will not affect the performance of the product, yet are still strong and durable. Our products are also made from top-quality materials that will keep you safe from harm's way.

Magnetic Marker Holder Walmart

This Magnetic Marker Holder is dandy for holding Magnetic pens and pens with it is a facile and convenient alternative to get started with writing, the black color is sterling for any office or classroom. This is an excellent Magnetic Marker Holder for use in your workbook, name pages, or anywhere you this is a best-in-class Magnetic Marker Holder for the whiteboard, it can hold any type of Marker and be refrigerated for survival. It also works with cold drinks to make a hot stockyard bar, this is an 2 pcs Magnetic pen Holder board Marker organizer adjustable Magnetic marker. Including pen holders, pen clipped to a band, or even a cumuliform pen, it is an ideal item for holding adjuster pens, pens to take off when not in use, or pens and pencils in a presentation or classroom setting.