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Letraset Marker Paper

Marker Paper - the best Marker Paper on the market! The Marker Paper is a4 Marker pad 45 sheets quality art Paper 8, 5 x 12. It is top-of-the-line for writing and.

Best Letraset Marker Paper

This is a Paper "marker" from the 20's, it is a bit of a rare find, and is only a lightly used item. It is produced of field paper, and is usually used for writing on, it is moreover air dried, and provides a bit of a gray tone to it. It is about 50 sheets long, and is 16, 5 x 12. 5 inches in size, this Marker pad is puissant for applications as it features a new design which makes it easier to write on. The a4 size is puissant for large sheets of Paper and the 70 gm2 size is good for smaller groups of pages, the pad also comes with a new label which makes writing on the pad even easier. This Marker Paper is unrivalled for drawing or sketching in the it is fabricated with a special process that ensures that the Paper is extremely protective and a2 Marker pad is unrivalled for suitors who wish to keep their documents and drawings clean and dry, the mat is fabricated of 100% breathable cotton and offers an effect by bleeping. It is puissant for use in office environments or when marking up documents.