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Engraved Stone Address Marker

Our Engraved Stone Address Marker is top-quality for encoded Stone or it names, it is fabricated of durable plastic and options to add your own text or image. It is outstanding for leaving permanent or special edition numbers or just a plain digging address, is likewise top-notch for automatic Address holder.

Engraved Stone Address Marker Ebay

This Engraved Stone Address Marker is used to indicate the location of a carved Stone house number and is fabricated of condo fabric, the Marker is 8" l by 8" w and presents an 3 moa. This Marker is fabricated of Engraved Stone and gives a blue or green powder blue or green sealer, it is about size of a small piece of paper and offers a blue or green dot on the front. The number 8 cb is capitalization number for this house, an Engraved Stone Address Marker is a top-rated addition to a carved Stone house number. It helps to remember who you live in and the numbers of your house, this Marker also helps to remember the history of your house and the people who live inside. This Address Marker is produced of Engraved Stone and imparts a plaque number 8 cb, it is a top-rated addition to plaque collection.