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358 Copic Marker Set

This 358 color Copic Marker Set from japan is outstanding for sketching out ideas or ideas for your next project, the Set comes with the Copic Marker pen, which is able to write in a wide variety of colors. Also included is an all-in-one stapler that makes card production or selling your designs a breeze.

Copic Marker 358 Set

The Copic Marker 358 is an excellent tool for sketching and drawing, it comes in red, green, and black colors. The 358 model grants a black pen that is top-quality for people who itch to create drawings with their Copic markers, this pen grants a new fast shipping method that makes it available within 2 hours. So don't miss out and get your Copic markers before they're all gone! The Copic Marker Set 358 is designed for use in note-taking and sketching, it grants a sleek design with a black dip bottle opener, making it best-in-class for making s scott's (the-aughs). The Set includes 18 Copic markers, including the regular Set (and the new 358 color set) - outstanding for any creative need, the Copic Marker Set 358 is enticing for sketching in different colors and various techniques. It comes with the Copic pen, which is good for delicate sketches, the pen also gives a rough side that is practical for roughing out details on larger sketches. The color Set is: 358, bengal, royal blue, fuchsia, green, orange, yellow, the Set includes 18 markers in different colors and 2 sketch boards to help you hid the symbols you create.